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Blake Ritter
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Z Behl in her studio


    Z Behl in her studio

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Lena C. Emery

    Lena C. Emery

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    west coast 

  7. tiny moments when you laugh while you’re alone:

    Laying on your bed, in the dark, “warming yourself up” to masturbate so you can fall asleep easier. Instead you just gently rub yourself to sleep only to wake up late in the night, “ready to go.” Thus, finishing what you started.

    "I’m wide awake. It’s morning."

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Thomas Pearson


    Thomas Pearson

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Chicago (Woman with Ticket), c1960, Vivian Maier


    Chicago (Woman with Ticket), c1960, Vivian Maier

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Matthew Genitempo
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    I think the people who yearn for youth are the people whose mental growth is stunted. They’re not developing, but they’re getting older, so things just keep seeming worse. You know, some of the most intelligent and beautiful people I know have been stuck in the same place for 5 or 40 years, and they don’t move on. They don’t have that confidence.

    Archy Marshall

    aka King Krule

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    This is what I feel like I’ve been doing.

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    I have this weird behavior that makes me wonder what my mind’s motives are for it: Anytime I’m taking some new (to me) medication, or large combinations of medicines, I purposely leave those medicine bottles in a highly-visible place on my kitchen counter so that if I should die from some sort of complication with the medicine(s), it will be apparent to whomever comes inside my house that, clearly, those were what I last ingested. I always start to put the bottle back into the cabinet it came from, but then I feel this big wave of “Noooo! Leave it on the counter so they’ll find it!!!”

    My question about this is why would I care if anyone figured out what killed me if I know that I’ll already be dead? What’s it matter to me if people are able to figure out the exact cause? I like a little mystery surrounding myself as it is, so why do I care if someone sees that I took more than six Tylenol caplets in 24 hours and died immediately after (because that’s what happens on the 7th one)? I mean, I’m sure they’d determine all this in an autopsy anyway. Maybe it’s a mild form of OCD. I don’t get it.

    Do you do weird stuff?

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gunnar smoliansky
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    You are not born with hate and this here proves that

    Too sweet

    That’s genuine love ❤️